Admission & Fees

Application Process

Admission requires a 2nd level University Degree. Degrees and/or expertise in biotechnology, economics, chemistry, industrial chemistry, biology, pharmacy, agricultural sciences, engineering are considered a plus.

Undergraduates may access the master if they are able to graduate in the first graduation session following the start of teaching activities.

Per onorare e ricordare la memoria della Dott.ssa Paola Mariani (1960-2019), co-fondatrice del Master, BIOCIRCE e il Parco Tecnologico Padano ( hanno istituito 2 Borse di Studio del valore di 3000 euro in favore dei discenti più meritevoli che hanno concluso i primi quattro moduli di lezione.


La Fondazione Raul Gardini ( ha istituito 1 Borsa di Studio (del valore di 3.000 euro in favore del discente più meritevole che abbia concluso i primi quattro moduli di lezioni) per ricordare la memoria del Dott. Raul Gardini (1933-1993), industriale, pioniere e figura di riferimento per la Bioeconomia a livello mondiale.

Before applying, please read carefully all information reported below.

Call 2019-2020 – NOW ONLINE

The application form can be completed online at

Application Timeline

Application Deadline

Nov 15th, 2019

Announcement of results

Dec 10th, 2019

Enrollment Deadline

Dec 18th, 2019

Application Requirements

The selection is based on:

  • Evaluation of Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum
  • Evaluation of any relevant title and certification
  • A cover letter outlining applicant’s goals and objectives

If necessary, a Skype interview may be requested.

Tuition Fees

Application Fee
At the time of submission of the application
1st Payment
At the time of enrollment
2nd Payment
Not later than April 30th, 2020

Besides tuition, fees cover accommodation costs during the four weeks of teaching activities at all four Universities.

Fees cover accommodation expenses related to the attendance of teaching activities at the four Universities involved (one week per university).

Financial Aid

Two prizes, dedicated to the memory of PAOLA MARIANI, founder of BIOCIRCE, who recently passed away,  will be awarded to two students based on their performances to the intermediate examinations after each teaching module.   Each prize will consist in the waiving of the “second payment of  the tuition fee” (3,000 € each).”