Reyneri di Lignasco, Amedeo


Amedeo Reyneri di Lagnasco is a Full Professor at of Agronomy and crop science at the Department of Agriculture, Forest and Food Science (DISAFA) of the Turin University.

Area of expertise: the research activity is mainly focused on cereal production and quality as on the sustainability of the cereal cropping systems. More recently the research programs are involved on control of the contaminants and enhancement of the nutrition value through the best agricultural practices.

Institutional responsibilities: Vice-director for the research of the DISAFA (from 2015),

Editorial responsibilities: member of the Editorial board of the Italian Journal of Agronomy and of Maydica.

Commission of trust: Vice-president of the Italian Society for Agronomy (SIA) (2012-2015); Vice-president of Italian Association for maize production; Member of Italian Working group on Mycotoxin in Agriculture of the MIPAAF (Ministry of Agiculture); Member of the International Society for Mycotoxicology.

Coordination/Participation of/to projects: Coordinator of several National Project (MIUR and MIPAAF founds) and partecipant of International (UE) project.