Marzocchella, Antonio


Antonio Marzocchella (M) (born in May 1963) graduated cum laude in Chemical Engineering at the UNINA in 1987, PhD in Chemical Engineering. He joined the UNINA in 1991 as Assistant Professor of Chemical Plants, and he is currently Associate Professors of Biotechnological and Chemical Plants. He is member of the Editorial Board of the “Int J Nonlinear Science & Numerical Simulations” and of Scientific Committee of Int. conferences. Teaching activity regards graduation degree in: Industrial Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, and Drug Biotechnology. The research interests are: development of (bio)reactors and of bioprocesses; bioconversions by means of free and/or immobilized cells under aerobic/anaerobic conditions; dynamics of three-phase bioreactors; production of fuels an chemicals by biotechnological routes; biofixation of CO2; hydrodynamics of gas-solids, gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solids systems. Marzocchella has been Technical Manager of a Horizon2020 project (654623- Waste2Fuels-Sustainable production of next generation biofuels from waste streams) and of scientific responsible of research groups involved in international (HORIZON2020, EUROTRANSBIO-FP7) and national (CNR, PRIN, PON-POR, POR) projects and in investigations committed by industrial partners. Results of the scientific activity are reported in about 150 contributions, including over 100 peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and book chapters, as well as 4 patents.