Schiraldi, Chiara


Chiara Schiraldi obtained her Master degree in Chemical Engineering summa cum laude University Federico II of Naples and in 2002 PhD in Biotechnology in Food and Health Second University of Naples . She has been Visiting fellow at the Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Department at TU-HH, Harburg, Hamburg University, and at the University of Munster Dept. of Biochemistry.
Since 2006 she is Associate professor in Biochemistry, Second University of Naples, Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Schiraldi is Responsible for the development of several research projects funded by industry. Below is a list of industry groups in recent years have entrusted to Prof. Chiara Schiraldi the development of research projects: Sanofi Aventis SpA, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Tecnofarmaci, Tecnogen, Altergon Italia SRL, Institut Biochimique SA – IBSA, Dermofarma Italia SRL, Industria Olearia Biagio Mataluni SRL, Biomedica Foscama, Biosint, Fidia ricerche-Messina
Publications, patents & Presentations 68 peer reviewed papers 3 Book contributions 9 Patents and patents applications 30 Oral Communications to International conferences plus over 70 abstract and poster presentations.