Pezzella, Cinzia


Dr. Cinzia Pezzella is a Post-Doc researcher at the Chemical Sciences Department of University of Naples Federico II and a senior scientist in the Environmental and Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory of the same department. Her research activity is focused on the designing of ad-hoc microbial and enzymatic biosystems for applications in the field of the industrial biotechnology.

Her scientific carrier has started in December 2004, when she has got a Master Degree In Industrial Biotechnology defending an experimental thesis on protein secretion in mesophylic and psychrophilic bacteria. Her scientific training has continued with the acquisition of a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology with a thesis focused on the development of new oxidative biosystems (Whole Fungal cell- or laccase- based) for bioremediation of industrial wastewaters contaminated by different class of pollutants (textile dyes and Endocrine Disruptors).

Since November 2011 she is a funder member of Biopox s.r.l., a company, devoted to develop smart, sustainable and marketable bio-based products and processes for industry.

Recently she has extended her scientific interest also to the recombinant production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) biopolymers from engineered bacterial strains.

Dr. Pezzella has been involved as team member in several national and European granted projects. Her expertise is documented by 25 peer-reviewed papers with an H-index of 10 (Scopus).