Varese, Cristina


Giovanna Cristina Varese is an Associated Professor at the University of Turin. She is the Scientific Head of the Mycotheca Universitatis Taurinensis (MUT) of the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Turin, the fungal collection which preserves more than 5000 fungal strains ( She is member of the teaching board of the Doctoral School of “Sciences and Innovative Technologies” Ph.D. Program in “Biology and Applied Biotechnologies” and of the Master in Feeding and Nutrition Science and Technology “Michele Ferrero” at the University of Turin. She is currently involved in several EU projects and in the European Microbial Resources Research Infrastructure” ( Currently her main scientific interests focus on exploring and exploiting the fungal biotechnological potential in different field of applications studing: i) the mycobiota of extreme and/or polluted environments; ii) soil and wastewater fungal bioremediation; iii) use of fungal enzymes as biocatalysts in fine chemicals transformations and in textile finishing; iv) set up of protocols for the rapid identification of foodborne or airborne fungi in specific industrial environments or substrata; v) screening of marine fungi for extremozymes and secondary metabolites with pharmaceutical properties.

She authored over 130 papers on international and national peer-reviewed journals, several book chapters, and ten international and national patents.