Sannia, Giovanni


Giovanni Sannia is Professor of Molecular Biology and Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Naples, Federico II, Italy. Prof. Sannia has been visiting scientist and visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge (UK), University Paul Cezanne of Marseille (France) and the University of Westminster of London (UK). He is, since 2000, Head of the PhD Course in Biotechnology. From 2006 to 2011 he has been Director of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. He has been cconsultant for industries and for the Campania Regional Council; member, on behalf of the Academy of Finland, of the “SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD” of the VTT Industrial Biotechnology Centre of Excellence, Finland; leader of the European Network on “Oxidative enzymes for improved industrial processes, sustainable waste management and hazard reduction (OXIZYMES)”.

Prof. Sannia has coordinated research National (MIUR-PRIN, MAE, etc.) and European (IP-SME, STREP, etc:) projects. Professor Sannia’s main research fields are: Oxidative (laccases) and hydrolytic (lipases) enzymes and their industrial applications in the field of biorafineries, bioenergetic and environmental bioremediation; biosystems for use and valorization of agro-industial wastes and bioplastic biosynthesis.

He has published more than 150 papers on international peer-reviewed journals and attended many national and international meetings giving lectures and participating to Scientific Committees.