Raddadi, Noura


Dr. Raddadi, PhD, is Assistant Professor of AgroFood Microbiology and Biotechnology. She has been interested in i) the selection of microorganisms from marine and non-conventional environments for their exploitation in agriculture, in the production of new bio-based fine chemicals, extremozymes and biomaterials and for the degradation of organic pollutants and synthetic polymers; and ii) the development and optimization of biotechnological processes for the valorization of agroindustrial wastes/byproducts into fine chemicals and bioactive molecules. She is involved in five EU-FP7/H2020 projects: ULIXES, BIOCLEAN, KILL SPILL, BIORICE, INMARE. She published 27 papers indexed in WOS and scopus, which received 601 citations in WOS and 580 in scopus, with a HI of 13 (WOS, Scopus).