Piscitelli, Alessandra


Alessandra Piscitelli graduated in Chemistry at the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy) in 2001. During 2001 she performed research activity working at the Faculty of Science of the same University. In the 2002 she got the qualification for chemist profession. From 2002 to 2004 she was a PhD student at the Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry, University of Naples. In 2005 she became PhD in Biotechnological Sciences and Docteur de recherche en Biochimie. Since 2005 she has been working in the field of fungal enzymes and proteins performing native and recombinant production and characterization, protein engineering and exploitation in different fields of applications. Since November 2011 she is funder member of Biopox s.r.l. Since December 2013 she is a fixed-term researcher at the “Chemical Sciences Department of University of Naples Federico II”. Alessandra Piscitelli has attended several national and international scientific congresses and meetings, presenting communications. Dr. Piscitelli has been involved as team member in several national and European granted projects. AP expertise is documented by 28 peer-reviewed papers with an H-index of 14 (Scopus).