Beltramo, Riccardo


Riccardo Beltramo is full professor of Operations Management at the School of Management and Economics, University of Turin. At the same University, he taught Industrial Ecology and Integrated Certification Systems; Environmental Management Systems and Certification; Environmental Technology.

Coordinator of the area “Commodity Science”, within the Department of Management, he is currently President of the on line Course in Business Administration and Director of the Centre NatRisk, a network for the theoretical, experimental and applied research and dissemination in the field of forecasting, prevention and risk management of natural disasters in the mountains and hills.

His researches concern the environmentally sustainable use of resources and are held in very diverse areas, from sea to high mountains, in collaboration with different kind of economic and research organizations.

He has been Head of environmental management and eco-efficient technologies of Ev-K2-CNR Committee, where coordinated research projects in the Himalayas and Karakorum areas. He took part to the Italian expedition to K2 in 2004, developing “Guidelines for Eco-friendly Mountain Expedition” and collaborated to the initiative of the Italian Alpine Club “K2-2004: from the conquest to knowledge.” Since then, he dedicated his studies to the integrated management of environmental and landscape aspects, co-designing and implementing the Environmental and Landscape Management System – with subsequent evolution to the concept of Territorial Integrated Quality, result of researches which have prompted Guidelines distributed open source.

The meeting with opensource hardware and software allowed him to explore the concept of sustainability in a new way, defined by the SCATOL8®’s vision, by developing and testing solutions accessible to all, rooted in the IoT field, and illustrated in the ebook “SCATOL8®: A path to sustainability”.